Welcome to Luna Rasa!

Hi, I’m Chelsea, lunar living guide and founder of Luna Rasa. I created Luna Rasa to help you awaken and embody divine feminine energy by living in alignment with the lunar cycle. Through lunar circles, yoga, meditation, and ritual, I guide students to (re)discover radical connection to mind, body, breath, spirit, nature, and community. In a culture that emphasizes the fiery, solar energy of "doing," Luna Rasa offers balance by exploring the rasa of the moon- the essence of "being."

What is Lunar Yoga?

Lunar Yoga honors the natural cycle of the moon. It is an immersive experience, bringing together yoga asana (poses) and ritual with the rasa (essence or mood) of the lunar phase. On the New Moon, the sequence, theming, and soundtrack is grounding, restorative, and introspective; whereas on the Full Moon, the mood, or "rasa," of the class embodies a more energetic, breath-driven and expansive flow. Throughout the waxing and waning phases we mirror the respective growth and release of the moonlight. Offered during each phase of the lunar cycle, these classes interweave and reflect the energy and intentions of the moon as well as the current season and astrological insights. Join our moon tribe to harness the power of the moon and manifest your highest calling!